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I'm not spending on the kid!

"The drab of child-rearing!" "You are not parents because we have not created the material conditions!" I often meet with such comments, both agree and not.

A new movement is emerging, at least the spirit of an English website has been launched around the world. Harriett asks: Do we really need to leave a fortune in the stores to feed our children or just get the most necessary things new? According to the author, statistics show that more than two million forints per year kцltenek the British, for example, are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a single baby clothes.

It is not the things you want that will make your baby happy

Low-budget baby

Is it possible to raise a child like this, that an eagle is almost there you don't spend a penny on it? Of course, you have to do what is essential to spend money. Such is the safety of childhood. The initiator of the movement is thinking about new shoes, but replacing the disposable diaper with a textile pellet. What you are not going to make money at all is the new dress, the furniture - these can be wasted. Toys that can be made at home.
Payroll programs, as there are free gamers, and you can play with your friends. The hairdresser because mom can cut hair. And, of course, the foods that without a kid are really good. No need for baby food, superman yoghurt or a tiny baby pink pudding - double ounces. The market for baby foods and packaged foods is growing by 23 percent annually. We fail, even though there is no benefit to our child. Nor did she care if her clothes had been worn by other children, if she had previously served another child. But it doesn't matter if you have no bed at all.
Harriett summarizes the situation: "The big question is whether we can raise a little kid without the goodies of big companies. Our mother could do it. Her mother could do it. And millions of mothers in the world can do it."

That is what the psychologist recommends

Йrt years ago Schneidernй Eszter Diуszegi psychologist about baby baby's needs. And arrуl what we think of your needs.
"If we look at the business, read the ads for moms, see the ads, we can easily get the message that you are more expensive and really good at baby, you can get money there is a need for equipment.
Wonderfully decorated, color-coordinated children's room with canopy bed. It has an inevitable rotating music gadget that already has a remote control so you don't have to go to the baby's bed while you put it on. A super, multifunctional, multi-gear for the most up-to-date stroller. Designed for a small baby that doesn't even have to hold the baby: plastic wraps around us. Babies watching for us when our baby sleeps away from family life in his room.
It's just something that really comes from money, something that the manufacturer wants to despise the parents. Violent marketing can easily convince us that we are not good parents if we do not get all of this, and the best of it for our child - to impress our very senses with this message! Who wouldn't want to be the best mom-daddy for their baby? That is why we are spending our time on putting on baby gear because we are afraid that our child might not be happy that he did not get something. "

It is worth thinking about what the baby really needs and buying on that basis. It is not a bad idea to collect and save the rest of your money for, say, foreign language learning. After all, raising a big kid is really expensive.
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