More kids' projects: More action on the horizon

According to Watchers, the government would release more credit. The purpose of the measure is to increase the fertility rate, that is, to encourage more children to have a baby.

More kids' projects: More action on the horizonViktor Orbán is preparing for a government with a demographic focus, at least after the elections he has spent so much on the government's plans. The Observer Ratings are rated by the Index, according to which the main purpose of some government measures is tothe fertility rate by 2030 will reach 2.1, from the current 1.5.To this end, the government extending the duration of your graduate child, relieving your student loan debt, reducing your third child mortgage debt, and creating a family research research fund.The Observer also announces the planned economic policy measures: the government is planning to double the wage bill in the next ten years, the average cost of the space is reduced by almost 300 jobs.Related articles in family policy:
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