Transition: What is it like to help your child and what to look out for?

Facebook often provides assistance to desperate moms who are looking for a frightened baby in the public eye. What do I need to know about transitional subjects?

Transition: What is it like to help your child and what to look out for?

You may not even need to research our minds long to find an item that was especially important to us as a child. It can be a seemingly insignificant little blanket, a titty-like diaper, a plush character, or even a pillow. I, myself, keep this special subject in mind: a rather nasty pink bear, which appears in my countless childhood photospaces as an invisible space.

But what are these special items?

For parents, this may seem to be just an item that insists on the childand carry it everywhere.However, literature on child developmental psychology great significance owns these little blankets, pacifiers and rags, and makes them a transitional object. Donald Woods Winnicott British pediatrician, psychoanalyst, first appeared in the 1950s. The transitional subject is like that vigasztбrgy the number of the child, which plays an important role in a certain stage of life, the parent must respect itWinnicott emphasized.

The Plьssmaci stage is over

These objects will be important during the so-called period of separation anxiety. Our child wakes up 6-7 months later to realize that his and her mother are two separate people, and there is no other world that was previously believed to be united. Just when his mother leaves him, he gets scared and desperately cries. The reason for this is that you do not know whether your mother is returning to her, nor can she recall the mother's image on her own. His name indicates that he does not feel safe, he feels ill without his mother. remain. Winnicott observes that boys prefer heavier objects, while girls prefer to choose dolls, soft animal figures, or soft objects.

What does the transitional subject help your child?

The transitional expression means that this object is a kind Transition between Mother Currency Fusion and its Currency Variability.If the baby is missing his mother, this item will reassure him and give him a safety alert. He can always be with him when the important person is not present. Winnicott emphasized that these objects also played an important role in the times when small krнzishelyzeteket l бt. For example, the birth of a little brother, the early period of wanderings or ovis.It is important to emphasize, however, that this subject can only function and console if the child has a stable, secure relationship with the child, igйnyeihez.What should we pay attention to? Some practical tips
- The transition thing always be at hand! Winnicott also mentioned that we shouldn't be nervous about this thing being too dirty, because washing and changing scents can disrupt the child's steady and steady state of what these temporary objects mean.
- Because the worry about losing your beloved stuff, your favorite item, can be a constant one, so if you can, it's worth getting a piece of these for your parents. There are those who customarily photograph this lovely piece so that, in the power of community, it is easier to blotch it out a little later.
- The transitional subject never cannot be a criminal tool: don't punish us a bit by losing it!
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