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Sex after the kid?

According to a recent study, the sex life of first-born parents often begins to decline, especially if the mother is overly concerned about whether or not she is a good parent.

In the case of men, the situation was different, since their sexual life was affected only by the anxiety of their couple, not their own.As soon as the research lead Chelom Leavitt, a Penn State University doctoral student reported that the birth of a newborn definitely influences the couple's sexual life, but as this study has shown, Mother's other concerns because of it.

Mothers find it harder to have sex

In a survey conducted by Sex Roles, they interviewed 169 heterosexual couples, mostly married couples, who had just given birth to their first child. At six months of age, babies tried to find out which couple's life was stressful, and at the age of one year, their child's sexuality was overwhelmed. the couple where the woman was very worried and anxious about her child. According to experts, however, there is not necessarily a correlation between two things, since the sexual arousal of a mother can be influenced by countless factors, such as fatigue, breastfeeding, or even the loss of her body. These conditions have not been addressed in the study, nor have the sexual life of each couple been present before the birth of the child. According to experts, this may be because society is involved the newborn mother has a lot of expectations, we expect to become a good mother by themselves, while men take the initial chat bugs completely for granted. that men in this field have higher expectations, because they are mostly pre-emptive their sex drive is bigger, they consider this to be the most important method of detecting affective disorder. Experts recommend that if a couple has a child with a sexual life one and a half years after their childhood, they should definitely talk about it. In addition, try to have every minute of parenting and do not support yourself or one another with unrealistic expectations.Related Articles:
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