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You've done the curbing the smoking of the babies

The smoking ban has improved baby health, a researcher at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences said in a recent study.

You've done the curbing the smoking of the babiesA multitude of measures at the global level are trying to steer people towards a healthier way of life, including measures aimed at curbing smoking. Law With the introduction of stricter rules in 2012, smoking is prohibited amongst others in pubs, pubs, workplaces, public transport institutions. The biggest change was in the case of places of sale, pubs, where smoking restriction was a rare exception in the past.Hajdu Tamбs йs Hajdu Gbbor Magyar Tudomбnyos Akadйmia kutatуja it vizsgбlta kйt to mikйnt affected the dohбnyzбs korlбtozбsa the vendйglбtуiparban dolgozу nхk children szьletйskori egйszsйgйre.A felszolgбlуkйnt, pincйrkйnt dolgozу nхk ъjszьlцttjeinek egйszsйgi mutatуiban the szigorнtбs elхtti йs utбni idхszak kцzцtt bekцvetkezх vбltozбst hasonlнtottбk цssze a control group hasonlу data. The control group was made up of newborns working in the retail and service sectors (eg shop assistants, cashiers, hairdressers, beauticians). The latter mothers worked not only after the change of law, but also in the smoke-free work environment during pregnancy, but their other properties did not differ significantly significantly improved the health of the newborns of the affected mothers. Tцbbek kцzцtt nхtt the бtlagos szьletйsi sъly, csцkkent low szьletйsi sъlyъ ъjszьlцttek (under 2500 g) of йs koraszьlцttek arбnya, tovбbbб the csecsemхhalбlozбs esйlye lower lett.A szьletйskori egйszsйgnek are jelentхs mйrtйkы hosszъ tбvъ hatбsai, ezйrt the dohбnyzбsi prohibit йrintett ъjszьlцttek kйsхbbi You can also benefit your life.
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