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The school milk and fruit program has a mission

The School Milk Fruit Scheme was also provided in this curriculum, according to the Secretary of State for Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture.

Zsolt Feldman He emphasized that the basis of healthy eating is the intake of fresh vegetables, fruits and various dairy products, therefore they have been running the program since 2010.School Milk Fruit Scheme Has a Mission (Photo: iStock) Speaking of the details, he said the supply palette includes a variety of fruits and vegetables, and schools can choose from 100 percent of the juice in the program. This amounts to 52 million servings of products, and the government spends 3.15 billion forints on these products, 37 of them are provided by the government - said Zsolt Feldman. the government spends 4.66 billion forints on this.Maruzsa Zoltab Secretary of State for Education has said that the program is a success, with 536,000 students at 2309 elementary schools and 435,000 at the Dairy Program. it has increased, but more and more schools are participating in the school milk and fruit program. He emphasized that the government is committed to the continuation of the program and to expanding it. The education of future consumers is also the goal of this year's school milk and fruit program, the State Secretary said. Zsolt Feldman said that a 535 thousand fruits and vegetables and 435 thousand milk can be consumed by children is due to initiation, which is a "huge number". "We want to make these products a part of our children's daily diet," she said. the politician said that the central budget supports the fruit program by about two billion and the milk program by four billion.