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No more problems with the occasional drip of urine (X)

We listen discreetly to the question, though it concerns young and old alike.

I love spring, you can spend a lot of time at the end of the day, chopping the cobblestones on the terraces, and munching on the green of the cove. Taking advantage of the nice time, I and my friends agreed to go out. Because of its big tummy, the nearby small forest was chosen. I took my two seedlings and Ildikou joined us in the middle.
The kids enjoyed the holidays and we could talk to you. Then Ildikou suddenly saluted - "Oh, again!" .
"What happened?" -I wondered at him because I didn't tell a saint what a problem. I saw it a bit embarrassed, but I was encouraged to say what the problem is.
"Since baby waits especially as the baby's weight grows over time, I often experience dripping urine and it's so uncomfortable. I holy, and then it hurt me. I was feeling awkward afterwards, because the moisture was very disturbed, and I thought I could get a cold. Besides, I still felt that others smell the urine. I laughed a lot and reassured her - "Not the name you say, but because of the first time I was pregnant, I did exactly that."
I told her that after a few holy days and after waking up at night, when I couldn't get to the toilet without drops of urine, I bought a packet of intimates. It did help, but it was confused about its size and its ruthlessness. I soon talked to one of my pharmacists when I went to the pharmacy and complained that "I do not want to wear a diaper during my pregnancy". To this he showed the TENA Lady Ultra Mini, which was specifically designed for the occasional drip of urine. I wanted to try it out before I started using it and check out I'm shocked because you can ask for a free sample, which is convincing over the years // / b / cl, 1,2201,2159674,2159673 / click.prmt.
From that point on, I used it and all my worries were eliminated because I could go to any place. I finally found a discreet solution that is just a font of purity. "It has great wet ability and you don't have to worry about smells because it absorbs the smell of urine," I explained to him. "I really recommend that when we go home, we'll jump into the nearest pharmacy and lose you too. You will make your day easier!"
Later, as soon as my friends tried the product, we talked again and I remembered something! "Just imagine, I recommended this to Mom because she had similar problems ... Did you know that urine drips happen in the intervening period? Mom's exhausted and since then she's much more open, not complaining about urine."
My little drooling friend stared at me with wide eyes and realized he wasn't alone.