Feeding on a 10-12 month old baby

Our seedling has developed a great deal in recent weeks. Clinging to his feet, sometimes his mom is trapped in his feet watching the kitchen work. You can get a couple of mouth-watering drinks from almost every month in the eleventh to twelfth month!

Feeding on a 10-12 month old baby

What does a 10-12 month old baby eat?

Soon here is the first birthday, with a real cake, from which the celebrated also wants some snacks! But don't run too far ahead of time as there are some new things in the chamber that are worth getting to know before the events. kбposztafйlйkthat can be used to make a variety of delicious dishes. If we introduce it gradually, we need not be afraid that they will cause stomach fat in the baby. The same goes for legumes. Let's switch to puffs that are considered puffy digestive spices. Among these are the cumin, the anise, the cumin.
Who is afraid of the bloating effect of legumes, csнrбztassa Seeds for a few days - soak them, then put them in a germinated dish or strainer, and wash them every day, keeping them moist until the germs appear. In the meantime, they decompose and transform the hydrocarbons causing puffiness. Beans, lentils and beans can be used to make soup, steaks, stew, salad.
The germinated seed should be cooked for a shorter period than the dry product. Legumes are rich, full-valued protein sources. The introduction of legumes can begin in vegetarian families from the eighth to the ninth month. This is especially important when the baby is breastfeeding relatively infrequently.
THE spenуt Contrary to beliefs, it is not one of our healthiest greens. It contains a lot of carotene, which helps to replenish our vitamin A stores, and is also rich in folic acid and potassium. However, many oxalic acids inhibit the absorption of iron and calcium. Most of the family considered special padlizsбn, rhubarb. If you haven't tasted it yet, give it a try! Eggplant is a creamy form that is primarily spread on bread, and the rhubarb complex tastes like most babies with its sour aroma.
Tip: A rhubarb a thick, fleshy stem of a leafy plant. Lightly coat the outer layer, then cut into small pieces and toss in a little cinnamon water. Mixed with banana, we recommend it to the baby. Contains a lot of iron!

Hundreds of them

We can freely play a fыszerekben too. Of course, this does not mean that you have to cook your baby's lunch with chilli peppers or spice blends containing artificial flavors (such as sodium glutamate). Instead, use fresh or dried herbs, onions, garlic. Several studies have shown that infants become familiar with breast milk and love their mother's favorite, often consumed foods. Feel free to put a little garlic in your baby's diet - one of the finest spices and the most effective herb in the world.
Many treats live on pickled cucumbers, and generally on pickles. If the molars are out, you can taste it if you still can't, cut the cucumber into thin slices, so we can.

Don't sacrifice anything!

Most of our popular treats, eggs, cow's milk and sugar are popular in our country. THE eggs and milk can cause allergies, just gradually introduce it into the diet. With the egg white, let's wait a couple of months, and the toddler can eat yellow. If you have a family history of allergies, it is better to wait until the age of one. Before buying, we read the inscriptions of baby biscuits and baby biscuits: almost all contain sugar, eggs, milk, that is, not anything in baby bottles. The natural sugar content of bananas or ripe, well-baked roasts, tender sweet corn and sweet chestnuts is so high that we can also eat dessert.
It makes no sense to get the baby to love! Before the age of two, we can safely decide to bribe, though it can sometimes be a nuisance. If dessert is not a common practice in the first one to two years, the baby will not be overly refreshed.

Drink when you're thirsty

Breastfeeding women often find that their children barely drink anything, despite having plenty of snacks on the family table. Some people try to get their baby to use baby bottles at the age of one and two, so they can help. Neither this nor other practices tend to give up on the hopes that come with it, that is, to make the child drink "properly". She is a breastfeeding toddler it is supplied with fluids through breast milk, even if your mother does not even feel that she has a significant amount of milk.
Seeds of cumisьvegen children do not azйrt drink dцbbenetes mennyisйgы teбt (gyьmцlcslйt, szцrpцt) because that's a бtlagos children folyadйkigйnye but azйrt because szбmukra the cumisьvegbхl valу ivбs means megnyugvбst - levх fogacskбik lбtjбk kбrбt the йdes innivalуk egйsz kцzben turn kibъjуfйlben day szopogatбsбnak. If we leave home, we don't even need bottles. Most big cat babies will soon learn to drink from a sports bottle, pohбrbуl or by heart.
Tip: It's time to reduce your daily diet to 500 milliliters per day from an infant baby. Milk drinks are not thirsty! Let's drink some water, rarely unsweetened or non-sweetened fruit after meals.
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