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8 photos not to post about your child

Although many parents would share every moment of their child on Facebook or Instagram, it wouldn't hurt to keep certain footage for ourselves.

There is something I would rather not…

It's cute when you get your little one's first birthday cake, dress her up for her first carnival costume, or as she wonders at the lion in the zoo. If we are active parents in the Russian media, we will most likely share those moments with our acquaintances or followers in the form of photos, videos. However, there are some moments in parenting and childhood that are better off if you really only have a very poor family. Collection of


Anything sweet, tiny, naked or completely nude baby photos don't put it on the net. One thing is for sure, because once a baby becomes a teenager, he or she is not sure to give it a go - do it right. And the worst thing is, but we never know if the recording will end up in the wrong hands - like someone who keeps child porn on the machine…

Sick, sick

Our job was to protect our children, not to exploit them, especially when the sickest were the most vulnerable. Is it really important to keep and share that kid's lice? Of course not ...


Unfortunately, getting online is a common thing, unfortunately. On Youtube, for example, "child-shaming video" or "child-racing" has almost 300,000 hits when searching for keywords. These, in turn they have a devastating effect on the child. If you do not want to lose confidence between your child and your parents, that depression and anxiety affect your daily life, then do not make rude pictures.


Keep in mind that what once went online will stay there. Would a teenager or an adult really be so eager to watch themselves during their first attempts? Not to mention my classmates, colleagues…

Personal data

If you want to protect your child, never put your full name, title, where you go to school, when you are alone with the babysitter, etc.


If we decide to share a photo of the child, there is still nothing wrong with myself. Be careful not to put your little friends or parents at a disadvantage. For example, your best friends may hate the social media for example, so you do not want to be taken out of the seedling by any means, in any way. We would rather ask the persons concerned whether the given recording should be shared.

Which can be a cause of clutter

Perhaps what we consider to be food and stuff is a shorter weapon in school. A rewritable, unpleasant photo, if it is brought to light, it can be a cause for lewdness or even a nickname for the child.

Unsafe activities

We just roll a couple of meters in front of the house with the car, and for a little while, the kid in our living? If you are already experienced, you should not at least photograph or promote it. Sure enough, such and such harmless moments seem like a good job at first, but if you share it on the web, we give ourselves an attacking surface. After all, not everyone is aware of all the conditions. But if they do, others can easily get involved.You may also be interested in: