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They screamed that the baby was out!

But Boglárka didn't expect the baby to come. He didn't pack when he was sent to the hospital, and he stuck there. He's back home with his little boy.

On November 23, 2010, my defender sent me to the Cholnoky Ferenc Kúhrhaz, Veszprém, because my blood pressure went up, I got wet, and I was also tested for white. I was 35 weeks pregnant. I didn't even pack it ...
My brother went in and was admitted to the church. I thought I could wait here for Christmas. I was knocked out on December 26th. But my son didn't think so.
At 5 o'clock the next morning, I felt something very hot. The amniotic fluid is gone. They were sent to her birth room in the morning. After 6 hrs, I had 3 minutes of headache. At 2 o'clock, we said we wouldn't have a baby here, just the next morning. At 5 o'clock I felt something was wrong. The pussies came back. They laid on the baby's bed, but by 6 o'clock nothing had happened. The doctor was just telling her not to get pregnant. At 6 o'clock my midwife was examined, and I was exhausted. The doctor shouted to hurry because the baby was always out. So I just got the shot. Born exactly at 7, Lackou's baby is 45cm and 2930 grams. He looked up at him. But because it was premature, they took me away. My son only came in when I was born. We didn't want to be a father, either. I was anesthetized after childbirth because the bed was cracked. Lackу received oxygen for the first four days, or for one day of antibiotics and infections. It was exactly two weeks when we could take her home.
Kovácsné Neff Boglárka