Slow growth may be a predictor of these diseases

Some illnesses up to 1.5-2 years earlier, as long as the onset of symptoms, may be signaled by a slow growth in children. That is why it would be important to track your height every year.

Dr. Luczay Andrea the W I. Gyermekgyуgyбszati ​​Clinic University assistant professor of child endokrinolуgus in some betegsйgeket, pйldбul thyroid alulmыkцdйst, the pituitary gland daganatбt or akбr the cцliбkiбt also mбsfйl-kйt йvvel the tьnetek megjelenйse elхtt you have already be diagnosztizбlni if ​​йvente kцvetnйnk children testmagassбgбnak vбltozбsбt .Slow growth can be a predictor of illness Children have height, age, gender-specific values, and the percentile curves follow the growth graph over time to determine how much their growth is outweighed. Screening examinations can be sought primarily by home pediatricians if they suspect that the child is growing inappropriately, which is in many cases a low grade. Mostly besides the home pediatricians, there is a light in the screening tests in nursing, school and school, but Dr. Andrea Luczay says it is important that In conclusion, there are diseases that can be eliminated with two or more years before they occur. If suspected, a detailed examination follows: Blood, kidney function, thyroid function followed by growth hormone deficiency, sex hormone tests, chromosome test - the latter include endocrinolysis. They also look at bone age, which means a handheld agent. Examinations may show light on chronic diseases, but also celiac disease, sometimes slowing down of growth than diarrhea, weight loss, bloating.
The method of therapy is always determined by the underlying causes of low growth; The adjunct professor emphasized that side effects should not be feared, as only the lacking amount of growth hormone is given to the body. Treatments can add up to 10-12 centimeters in adulthood, but it is important to start therapy before the end of adolescence. Andrea Luczay also added that there is no one cause for a lack of growth, but smoking parents, alcohol abuse, mother and child malnutrition increases the risk.

How to interpret the percentile curve? The graph is located between 3 and 97 percentile values. The 50th percentile values ​​show average height, while below that mean children below average height. Dementia is discussed when the child's height falls below 3 percentile. This means that less than 3 percent of children in this age group fall into this group.

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