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With these 5 simple habits you can prolong your life with years

Surely you can do a lot for the health, you should not leave everything to the genes. And you don't even have to make sacrifices - we'll give you a few tips.

5 simple habits and stay aliveAn American study of 34 years (1980 to 2014) examined the life-course of a "pilot" group and its effects on the health and life span of its members. They have come to the conclusion that there are generally 5 essential factors that seriously affect how long life can be counted. Нme!

1. Healthy body weight

The researchers found that those with BMIs between 18.5 and 22.9 were more likely to survive than those whose values ​​were lower. Well, that's not surprising at all, and it makes perfect sense. Overexposure alters the functioning of cells and can cause problems such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Research has also shown that getting rid of only 5-10% of our extra kilos can significantly reduce the chance of developing heart disease. However, be aware that losing weight can be detrimental to your health. In fact, lack of fat in the body inhibits the transport of hormones, which can also lead to serious health problems. Therefore, it is (also) important to consult a doctor if you want to get rid of a serious excess weight.

2. Alcohol consumed in alcohol

The results clearly show that those who regularly look at the bottom of the glass can count on a shorter life than those who borrow this pleasant activity. Interestingly, however, there is no clear correlation between life expectancy and 100% anti-alcoholism and alcohol consumption. This requires further research, but it is certain that if we want the best for ourselves, we only rarely drink alcohol. This means 5-15 grams for women and 5-30 grams for men. This is equivalent to 1 glass of beer a day, 1 dl of wine, 1 cocktail or 2 cl of spirits.

3. Consuming quality food

Although the study of dietary habits is quite difficult - the majority of people cannot accurately and honestly tell about their own - it is irrelevant that the results are the most mediocre in the Mediterranean. But it is very good to pay attention to consuming less processed food. It is not good to follow strict diets, and in the long run, it is much more beneficial to our health if we allow ourselves time to burn and afford one or two health.

4. The complete bust of smoking

There have been times when smoking has been explicitly promoted as a benefit habit ("thank you smoking lobby"). Most doctors have smoked, and have often advised patients to get used to reducing stress or even losing a few pounds. This sounds awful today, right? It has been clearly demonstrated that smoking increases the incidence of lung and other lung and heart disease. So, if you want a long life and you still smoke, do your best to quit!

5. Daily level exercise

Among the participants in the research, those who exercised for 30 minutes a day (including a simple swim walk) were in the lowest risk group - that is, they had the greatest chance of longest life. What are you doing? Exercise simply speeds up metabolism, which aids in the elimination of excess weeds, and can also lead to the development of new heart cells and strengthen our bones. Not to mention the positive impact on our mood. Think about it, if you can't get yourself into exercise (via)
  • Two sugary drinks a day is just as harmful as smoking
  • This is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle
  • We do not lose exercise, but we will keep living if we train