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Baby food diet rules

When eating baby, the principles of healthy eating should be taken more seriously than usual. This way, there is no excess weight, and many health problems can be avoided.

Exceptionally, it requires 300 kilocalories more energy than before. The experience is that pregnant women of normal weight probably do not need to be overweight. Manapsбg 10-12 pounds of weight gain is considered healthy, but individual differences can be great. There are three basic things to keep in mind throughout the transition:1. making more of your food a part of your diet (that is, being more diverse);
2. dietary fiber diets to counteract slowed digestion and prevent constipation;
3. exercise regularly to maintain good physical fitness and exercise, which also benefits the fetus.

Why is it important to have a healthy diet during pregnancy?

Because the fetus is important meghatбrozуja jцvхbeli egйszsйgйnek, javнtja the mother egйszsйgйt, physical erхnlйtйt йs spiritual egyensъlyбt, segнt elkerьlni the szйkrekedйst, hemorrhoids, felkйszнti the body of the baby szoptatбsбra, йs elegendх energiбt biztosнt under йdesanyбnak йs babбjбnak.A terhessйg time of the fetus fejlхdх mother and mother are eating it through and through the cord. Therefore, it is entirely up to the mother to feed her, what quality nutrition and nutrition the growing child will get, and how they can refresh their own body.

What is Good Nutrition?

We've known that you have to eat instead of two people. It is not the quantity, but the quality, which is important. It is important that we start several times a day (five times), possibly in small quantities. Breakfast is of particular importance. Since the first meal of the day is followed by a large twelve hours of fasting in the urine, the body's energy level is low, so a sufficient breakfast is necessary for the pregnant mother to cope with increased exercise. Missing breakfast is associated with a higher risk of obesity, as high-fat foods increase later in the day. Essential nutrients that are missing from breakfast are rarely eaten for further meals, and can be rescued at any time in the younger generation. However, there is a wide range of quick-cooked meals that fit this lifestyle: breakfast cereals, muesli, dairy products, fruit and bread. Tнzуraira yogurt, gyьmцlcs, small biscuits, grilled ebйdre sьlt hъs fйlkйsz zцld kцrettel, the evening was уrбkban kenyйr a kцnnyы egytбlйtel, tojбs.A szйlsхsйges diйtбzбs under the terhessйg йs elйgtelen, hiбnyos tбplбlkozбs also бrthat the fetus may cause confusion in the vйrkeringйsйben, which it can lead to heart disease and diabetes in adulthood. Children of hungry babies are also more prone to obesity.

Healthy living should be a priority during pregnancy

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