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Do you have to give birth together?

I think you really don't want to because you think I really don't want to. Can you really sum it up so much in your neck? Rich Enikх psychology was asked about the spiritual aspects of fatherhood.

- What does it depend on whether the father wants to be there while his child is growing up? - There are many factors that can play a role: how strong and deeply your relationship with your wife is, what your birth status is, how you relate to your mother, your father's role, your father, your devil. Many times women just think that a man would be averse to the birthright, so it is absolutely worth asking him what he wants. You can take part in the whole process, choose whether you will be indoors or not when the baby is born. If he can, control remains the most important thing. Whatever the case, let's try to accept his stance!
- What might be the consequence of forcing a father to give birth?
- If you have an absentee presence, the male will not survive the father's choice properly. It can be shocked by the passion of suffering, and it can negatively influence lower sex.

Not everyone has a father's birth

- Most dads feel like they are a little under the room, inertia confusing to them. Why is the significance of spiritual support underestimated?
- Men have been raised, from a young age, to deal with each situation individually and actively, while women are more supportive and willing to share their problems with someone. For many men, it is a novelty to expect a mere presence. It didn't count as a man. This problem can be overcome by having the baby and the doctor discuss all the details and tasks.
- I've heard of a doctor giving a pizza to his buttery boss. It's hard to give tasks in the living room so that it's not a bounce.
- It is much better for a mother to tell her couple in advance that she only needs a mere presence during the butterfly. Dad's not an assistant in the living room! Once the baby is born, she can hold and bathe, which can relieve tension in the previous males.
"What could be the reason if the woman didn't want the man inside?"
- It can be a problem for a woman to see her couple in such an intimate, self-defeating situation. You may also think that this event "just" belongs to the child. The relationship between the two can be less intimate, "secret" in front of each other, and therefore does not let women know that they are in such a situation. This can also be the cause of minor problems. If you both agree on this decision, no problem. You have to talk about it, because people see situations in different ways and this can lead to misunderstandings.
- If your father's sexual life is disrupted because of his father's birth, does that relationship fail? Back then, they weren't even right with each other?
- Very rarely can childbirth cause a minor sexual problem. If a man does not want more than this for a couple or vice versa, there is definitely more reason for it, and the help of a professional is worth tracking down.
If they get along in a crisis, even with the help of a professional, it can definitely make the connection stronger. If not, the same thing can happen in a new relationship. I do not consider escape, "rescue" as a cure-all solution, without asking for outside help or advice.
- Some say that most men go into fatherhood just by letting go of today's fashion. Whose good is this?
- This statement may be more of a premonition in women. In today's world, men are much more free to decide. Much depends on the relationship being straightforward, and the fact that a man does not regard this as a "good fatherhood" degree.
- Most men's birth status is very far from how women survive that situation. It doesn't seem to help them discuss their situation before, after, or after.
- I don't think it would be a problem for both of you to have a different birth status - there is a genetic and hormonal reason for this, and women are given that nine months of preparation time! Trouble is when different points of view destroy the connection.
- What can fatherhood mean to a couple?
- In the life of couples, every stage of the relationship development (wedding, marriage, childbirth) brings about a change that can be done well by the couple. The stopping of the birth process, and the death of the father or mother, can create such a crisis. If the couple is good and successful in dealing with this "obstacle", they can gain a lot from the relationship, even though the problems that remain unresolved here almost obliterate the following difficulties.
Even when a father is up in the hallway or with an older child, his or her birth will be a common source of birth.