Doesn't matter how long it takes for a mom to get to workLonger travel, harder parenting?

Pregnant women who go far to work and spend a lot of time traveling, face greater risks of pregnancy and childbirth, according to a recent published study.

According to a study published in the journal Economics & Human Biology, women who commuted at least 80 km a day to their workplace increased by about 0.9 percent every 16 km the risk of low birth weight, but the risk of growth in a slowed uterus too. Low birth weight babies weigh less than 2500 grams.It is good for my baby to go to work too far According to experts, the reason for the connections is partly due to the long travel chronic stressbut the exam also found that the little mothers who went to work far from their homes, less often they take part in exams or postpone them, perhaps because there is less "free time". Previous research has shown that omitting exams, especially in the first trimester, can increase the risk of complications. "Unfortunately, pregnant women who are subject to long-term commuting are often overwhelmed" - he explained Yang Wang, one of the authors of the study. "Just skip the exams who need them more because they are more stressed out by traveling. That is, they are at greater risk of complications." One of the longest commuting times here, according to surveys, is that people living here take an average of 31 minutes to work. On average, the female subjects traveled 102 kilometers per day to their workplaces, representing approximately 78 minutes spent in cars. On average, I have taken medical examinations 11 times (the national average was between 10-15) and 15% of women did not take the first trimester exam. In our home More people go to work every day. According to CSO data, most people travel less than 5 km to work (this represents about 40.5 percent), and commuting is much more common among men than women. More than half of daily commuters, 56.8%, spent more or less on traveling to work, and only 8 percent were commuting daily.Also worth reading:
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