If you praise a child badly, you are more likely to cheat

Children who are often praised for their food and for being particularly talented are more likely to cheat and rifle at school, according to a recent study by the University of Toronto.

It is important that you praise you well

While praise is a very powerful motivational tool, it is important that teachers and parents are smart in their words. Because if a child receives a lot of praise, he or she begins to insist on meeting the requirements, and so he or she is more likely to resort to dishonest tools. If they were done well, they were praised in two ways: half of the team was told they were smart ("You are very smart!"), While the others were highlighted for their performance ("Very well done"). followed by the second round, where there were even meeting requests. Researchers left the room during the play and warned the children not to lurk, that is, to see the answers on the translated cards. The real reactions were then tracked on camera. As it turned out, those who were praised for being smart were more likely to cheat than those who were praised.