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Save your child's life with UNICEF's New Phone App for Mobile Against Violence

The Hungarian Commission for UNICEF is the first in the world to develop an application for mobile phones that provides immediate assistance to children in situations of violence.

If your kid is in danger or in danger, you can call for help or send GPS coordinates with the touch of a button. The alkalmazбs you can also ask for advice on what to say or do if your child is abused or you want to help someone who is abused. Children are the most common victims of neglect, punishment, and violence, whether physical, emotional or psychological. Violence very often occurs within the family or is committed by acquaintances - which can be particularly destructive.
Young children are the most harmless in these situations. They are the least able to resist violence. They are the least worthy of what happens. They can ask for the least protection from others. In addition to foul play, punishment and violence the most serious threat to the lives of children.
In Hungary, one in every 10 children lives in danger because of five violence. Every second child got involved in a fight at school. Every month, 3 children die in the five baptismal sanction. Out of all the punishments for children, every second one comes out. The rest remains hidden. The child is alone and needs to solve the situation alone.
The UNICEF HelpAPP application gives children the help. The children of the 21st century are the children of the digital world. We use mobile phones, computers and the Internet in the most natural way possible. If we want to help them, we need to learn the language they speak. We need to use the tools they use.
The UNICEF HelpAPP mobile application helps to detect, prevent and manage situations of violence. In addition to the basic functions (helicopter, panic button, position indicator) with the application, children can learn non-violent solutions, learn positive techniques of conflict resolution. The free app was launched for first Windows-based mobile phones, but will be available for download on Android and IOS based devices as of September. By clicking on the link below, you can register to receive an update on your application in due course:
Formwork is used by professionals from the age of 10, but of course any child who can read and use a smartphone can handle it because its surface is very simple.