Come on again! - Postpartum RegenerationBy infant period

The wheel of time cannot be turned back or rushed, but every expectant mother wants her to be as agile and pretty as she can before the exciting moment of conception and baby-throwing.

It is a difficult and rewarding period for the first couple of weeks

Forty days on the nut

The puerperium during the first four to six weeks after childbirth diminishes in size, closes, and begins breastfeeding regularly. It is not unexpected that natural peoples and ancient religions foresee a period when the mother should not be touched. The cleansing period is generally forty days, during which time women are considered unclean: they have not been able to enter the temple, nor have they been able to attend public occasions. It may seem offensive, but it is worth serving. In this way, our bodies can be regenerated infectiously, with less fatigue. In the meantime, the baby's stump disappears and disappears. Mother and child during this period deserve special care, attention, and in good cases receive.

Distant gulls, centimeters and milliliters

With birth, women are released from about six kilos of weight. That is what baby, amniotic fluid, placenta, blood loss, sweating, and some fecundity are all about. The baby's belly after birth is perplexingly large. Very recently born, with a little urine after the event, and not yet born to women is not so easy to say, which is far beyond the baby.Love after birth is about 1 kg, length 16-18. After birth, mild rashes and moles that start to fall will begin to reduce the size of the uterus. One week less than half its size, and after six to eight weeks, it weighs less than 100 grams and is 6-8 cm in size. At this point, the recently completed bee at high altitude will once again fit into the pubic bone.As soon as the amount of honeysuckle decreases, the máhnyбlkahбrtya regenerates too. After the disappearance of the hide, the bleeding may take some time. The distant bloody valleys, the lochia Greek name means; "belonging to birth". THE nursery stream about 250 ml, initially reddish in color, resembling severe menstrual bleeding, then diminishing in volume. Her color at the beginning refers to the presence of many bloods, and after about ten days she looks brown, yellow, and at the very least a white color. Possible minor injuries on the vagina and gut will heal in about ten days, so if all goes well, this should not be a problem. the first ovulation may occur within a week, and the monthly cycle may be restored by that time, although breastfeeding women usually do so for themselves. However, this should not cause anyone to lose, and from then on, any woman can conceive again.As far as body weight is concerned, by the end of the baby period it will show 10 to 12 kilos less in balance than immediately before childbirth.

On other body pads

Not only tissues that receive a direct contribution to the regeneration are regenerated. Within six weeks, the mother is recovering from blood loss, and her blood is oxygenated again, and her breathing is easier. Once the spine and pelvis are released from the pressure, the bladder is not depressed, thus eliminating involuntary urinary drip. If the woman has struggled with constipation, the problem is now gone. Reduction starts on the second-third day, and is usually regular until the second-third week.The body temperature initially increased slightly, but not more than 38 ° C, and gradually decreases in the usual body. Arterial blood pressure decreases rapidly after childbirth, fluctuates in the days following birth, and circulation in the weeks after childhood.

Here's the end

As the baby passes, a medical examination by a doctor or other specialist is required, which is generally not a modern finding. Our "experts", babies, and aides have also examined women after childbirth. It was only when she was able to do her job again and become fully active that she could see clear signs of the end of her childhood: the flow was gone, the body was gone. From this point on, women have generally been regarded as old and old.

The country again?

Of course, six weeks is not enough for everyone. The mйhnyak the hasьregnek was йs nine hуnapja to alkalmassб vбljon the йrett szьlйsre, nagymйretы baby hordozбsбra, ezйrt nagyjбbуl so many idхre szьksйg also to mыkцdйse visszatйrjen the rйgi kerйkvбgбsba, mйrete, szцveti felйpнtйse the fogantatбs elхttihez hasonlу бllapotba kerьljцn.A szьlйs in the following weeks and months, the fibers of the soft abdominal muscles are gradually shortened, and all soft, open tissues are retained. The belly tapes will only be back several months later. The mйh belsejйben six hуnap mъlva place in the same mйhlepйny mйg meglбtszik mйhnyбlkahбrtyбn, йs sйrьlйkenyebb than szomszйdos szцvetek, but you have already completely йp, gyуgyult kйpet mutat.A szцvetek visszarendezхdйse with fьgg цssze that the baby йs the mйhlepйny tбvozбsбval megszыnik hormontermelйsьk also which changed the way the tissues work. Low pulmonary stimulating hormone (FSH) levels rise during pregnancy and are determined to occur within three weeks, however, the lymphoid stimulating hormone (LH) hormone levels usually return to normal after breast-feeding is stopped. Oxytocin and prolactin hormone levels depend on the baby is breastfeeding regularly. As long as the baby is breastfeeding, prolactin inhibits sex hormones, which may delay the menstrual cycle during breastfeeding. The breasts were swollen during breastfeeding, then on the glandular tube, replacing the site of the lip. All in all, breasts may be smaller, flatter than before pregnancy. Exercise for chest muscles can be done.

What does complete regeneration mean?

Will the mother be as active and agile as before? Restoring hormone levels also depends on how long breastfeeding lasts. She is not, of course, capable of helping everything she is used to before she becomes pregnant. You have to want it, you have to do it for it. Aside from taking care of your small income, it should be borne in mind that home mobility is smaller than before birth. You can have a kid you also have to move out, exercise, exercise.For those who feel a little slimmer, consider what is missing from their pre-natal life. It's not just about sports. It is also worth rethinking and organizing your daily activities to keep you busy with activities, activities, activities, activities, activities such as exercise, walking and walking.
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