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So the baby's belly lying is more elusive

The rainforest tummy tucker was most tested by my 4 month old baby because he has problems with his stomach.

So the baby's belly lying is more elusiveThe primary function of the tummy cushion is to support the baby's abdomen, to lift and hold the head more easily, to make the surrounding world more interesting, to make the belly move, and to love the belly. In addition, the cushion has extraordinary colors and marbles, which are useful in themselves to attract the attention of children for long periods of time. Attached to it are two small plastic figures that can be used on their own, as well as beetles.

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Inside the cushion is a removable electrical part, which is equipped with a music and vibrating function. I liked the musical function and generally drew his attention from the uncomfortable stomach. The cushion was tested several times a day, several times a day, and my animal became interested in the things around him, trying to use his little muscles, his hands. The cushion is worried about plastic small animals many times they aroused the interest And he studied them very closely.All in all, my experience was that the tummy cushion - because of the colored pencils and the hanging plastic toys - definitely an attention-grabbing game And it can be useful for children who have a challenge to hold their belly position and keep their cephalopods.Related articles on Child Development:
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