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Marcikboull Pannika, Pannikaboull Danyrick We named it

One of the most exciting questions is how to find out the name your child will bear throughout his life. Here's a roundup.

Choosing a name is not easy

Baby Taps

I knew I was going to have a son until the end, and since my husband was more of a girl - as he was looking like a pretty girl - we listed names based on the doctor's first tip. This is where we first applied the "baby clapping" method. Let's give our baby the decision! In the evening, before we fell asleep, we put our hands on my stomach and competed with the two-three most liked and ringing names. Saying the name and baby applauding a lot, that is, applauding more than the show's responsiveness to the individual productions in the right talk shows, the baby will surely like the name. for her, she applauds more. In this case, it would have been our job to simply accept the baby's decision. This method has proven to be great, as long as we have no idea what to do when the baby thinks the other way around and the power of something that doesn't do it! After that, though my boyfriend gave birth to Vivien a little bit, it turned out we had a baby boy. He was clearly exposed to the ultrasound.
Then the nicknames can come. As with any family, it has occurred to us that the father be named. We didn't want strangers - whose opinion of course didn't count - to chase or bundle up behind the scenesthat these parents could have given such a name to poor innocent children! We wanted to make our son worry about the procedure of having to go to office as a grown-up just to change the last name his dear parents had been giving him. Tarzan's name is discarded.
There seemed to be only one barrier left: the names of relatives, friends, acquaintances, and college kids. What do we do if we ask our prospective parents and get a name that is sure to be a motto in our heads? After all, it turned out that their baby was born, so that all the obstacles were obliterated by our choice. When she was pushed into the surgery, the baby girl called the baby's name. Dear - I said softly, and then catching my eyes, I said again, dear Milan!
Dr. Mityuk Beatrix

This is how Marcikbull Pannika became, and finally Dyrrika

When we got to know our baby's gender the fifth month, we added our list again and decided to give our baby boy the name Marci. We also painted and arranged the nursery for Marcika. For painting, we decided not to have the typical bathroom with the shades of blue, but rather to choose the mid-yellow color.
The days passed, and the next month, the time for another examination of the craftsmen, came. As I lay in the office on the ultrasound bed and tried to follow the doctor's explanation, my doctor asked me once that he had told us that we would have a baby. I was just careful to answer that you mentioned your last little boy. He said a little helplessly that he had just seen a little girl. He took a close look at what could be seen from the "little stump", but the Doctor found no sign of his son. So we stayed close to seeing what we saw.
Upon returning home, we looked at her small room and were relieved to say that as much as a boy or baby would be, the room would be perfect for her. The next time, the doctor repeatedly examined what he had seen, and concluded that there was certainly a little girl in my tummy. So my husband and I re-thought our name selection and voted for Panni.
We were just the last month before birth, when one day we started thinking about what it would be like to choose the name Duri, which was our second favorite. From then on, we were expecting Dürrikin, who finally gave birth on the evening of July 24, 2010. Since then, we have often wondered how well we have chosen, because as we look at our beautiful little baby, it's not so much a pannier!
Sarkady-Filбk Йva, Budapest

Mom, this is not democracy right now!

It may sound crazy and surprised me too, because I'm not a telepathic mom of a "man of sensations," but my baby still wasn't conceived, and I knew exactly what it would be like to call Pann. Pekk Panna: A sweet, cute little girl.
Of course, we have been subjected to intense scrutiny and mischief from our seemingly indefatigable family. Just a few kind comments:
"What !? Panda?", "That sounds very timeless!"
"You'll love it in adulthood!"
"... and just not in the calendar!"
And the diplomatic: "Think again ..."
My personal favorite was the following suggestion: "Make a list and we will select it first!" Uh, my brother hasn't scolded me anymore and said, "Mom, this is not a democracy call right now!" A few days later, they asked again, "What's his name?" "Panna" Then, at last, a silence and silence ensued.
My baby is now a year old and like I had dreamed of: a beautiful bitch, a naughty blue-eyed little chick who keeps doing and chatting, knows exactly what she wants and who can take it off her feet. P our Pötttm Pannбnk.
Veronica Pekkné Csнki, Egerszaluk
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