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Let's develop the pouch!

Heard conversations heard in the family environment will definitely improve children's speech, and at most we will receive less feedback from the more obsessive children. What language example we show is important.

Talk more about your child!

There are plenty of opportunities to talk during the weekly activities. We do anything, let's say, if we have a child right next to us. Name the tools, the properties of the objects, the voices that act. Do not send the baby in the nursery with our little housekeeping. Let's list the words next to the already known wordssuch as funny, unusual, like: fleshy, pots, ibris, chick, hat, beak, bucket, czech, pitley. Little boys are also fond of names for car brands and dog breeds. Let's make your way home more enjoyable with rhymes, accounts, poems, songs. Every day, we go for relaxed picture book browsing. There is no need to read the text, often whitish, for pictures, just tell us what we saw, point out the finer details, come up with a story that you personally want to hear. - No problem, this is a good supporter. In the Nephi sayings and tales, there are a number of unknown objects, concepts that occur, we ask him to explain them. With the help of pet books, besides the nicknames of hun, hoppy and hoppy, we can list the names of my, female, and pet animals. In these you can see a lot of what adults have come across in the world. Explain the new concepts based on the images. Do not be fooled by the fact that television and video help the child's language development. Piff-paff, bimm-boom cartoons are pushed to a passive position, and this is followed by a small car audio-taped tapping that translates into active communication. szerepjбtйkok, bбbozбs, story telling also have the opportunity to chat. THE memуriajбtйk it is also a good idea to always name the flipped pages. After all, it is important that we talk a lot to our small children, ask them a lot, and always listen to their spontaneous statements.

Baby Language

It doesn't matter what the baby's first word is. Of course, the first "mom" or "dad" is warming our hearts. In addition to easily formulated words, the language of the baby is broad: more and more hangoverboy, suffix (brrr, wow-wow). His words are also sentences: every word he speaks can mean a whole sentence as appropriate: car - come on, his car is broken, his dad is gone. Let's summarize the words in simple sentences. Repeat with your own words what he wanted to say. Let's tell the little kid to say х. This helps you get to the first sentences at the age of two to two years. However, correcting and making repetition unnecessary, and even wrong. As you listen, learn with guidance, you can help improve speech by: with correct pronunciation, we use meaningful words, we do not imitate baby fluttering, and we only lose a few lovely dolls and out of stock. For example, we use "dog" instead of or in addition to vau-vau. The proper use of the "me" and "you" names may extend to the third year, and now even a number of third persons speak for themselves and for the mother.

Now, no problem

Between the ages of three and five, children often stutter. In most cases, this is not due to some kind of speech error. The small child goes beyond thought in linguistic expressions. You need to look for the correct sentence structure at the same time you want to communicate your results quickly. The hurry, the effort, is the cause of the multiple beginnings, the abandonment of sentences. Usually, this is the beginning of the school year. In the community, you still need to try to keep an eye out for it. Stuttering a cow does not necessarily mean that you do not feel comfortable in the ovine.Whenever the opportunity arises, we devote a lot of time to talking, such as transportation, dinner, bathing. Talk to us slowly and turn to see if you need to get our attention, if you want to say something. If we make sure that we are ready to listen, we will not jump on your breast for other things to do, it will calm you down and think about this transition state in a few months. However, consult your ovum or speech therapist if you have more than half a year of stuttering and one voice over and over again for three seconds.

His mother doesn't understand the word either

In the second year, one-word sentences are slowly added, and small children are saying longer sentences. Its pronunciation is often inaccurate, and it may be noted that it does not yet recognize certain grammatical rules. Features a wrong order verbs, queries. The second year is also endowed with compound sentences, but often not with the correct conjunction. You may barely use words, but the melody is melodious, humorous, and constantly pronounced in mortal language. This indicates that he, too, would like to participate in the conversation. Your effort was recognized for understanding the essence of the discussion. Turn around and make sure. We don't have to fix mistakes, we better let us repeat what we heard correctlyand what we got out of the ghost. This results in a dialogue that strengthens our little one's efforts while still hearing the right version, without ever being warned about his mistake.They may also be interested in:
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