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Fitness after childbirth

In order to regain your shape, it is important that you start the lightweight, refreshing gym as soon as you can. You can start breathing exercises, breathing exercises, and pelvic floor muscle strengthening on the first day after birth.

Baby-mom gymnastics are both super-off

The newborn mother, even in the first days after childbirth, is fatigued and exhausted even if the baby is not born with a cesarean section. She had hardly processed the condition of her childbirth, the physical trauma of childbirth. It is also possible that you are anxious about your new tasks and challenges. to dare.

Easy exercises for the first few days

You can start moving on the day after the birth!Exercise is an easy way to strengthen the abdominal muscles, it is recommended to do it at least three times before any other exercise:
- Lie down on the bed, bend your knee or sit on a couch and support your back. Lower your shoulders, put your hand on your stomach to feel it rise and slowly breathe it through your nose.
- Slowly exhale the mouth and tighten the abdominal muscles as much as possible.Feet and ankle exercises reduce foot swelling and improve blood circulation:
- Cross each other with your foot in one of the offices, then in the other.
- Try to write the letters of the alphabet by moving your foot only.

Muscle strengthening exercises

Muscle strengthening exercises are essential but can be done very simply. It strengthens the muscles around the bladder and vagina, helping to eliminate urinary leakage, healing seams, and relieving pain caused by a stomach upset. You can coordinate your vaginal muscles, which will make sexual intercourse more effective. (To find out the exact location of these muscles, try urinating briefly in the urine.) - Live, pause, or lie flat.
- Fold and loosen your buttocks as if you were trying to hold back a bug or faint. In between, put the vaginal muscles inside as if you were holding a tampon or holding back urine.
- Keep your muscles tight, counting, breathing evenly. Then loosen and then repeat the gesture. Do this more often every day.From the third day after childbirth, even after birth by cesarean section, you can perform pelvic floor exercises:
- Kneel down, lean on your hand, with your back straight.
- Tighten your abdominal muscles, exhale, gently tilt your hips forward, and then arch your abdomen. Hold on for a few seconds, then relax.Breathing Muscle Training and Exercise at the Same Time:
- Lie flat on your back, bend your knees, your feet on the bed. Breathe in and breathe out one of your feet.
- Breathe out, bend your leg again. Repeat with your other leg.You can also switch to a more active abdominal muscle strengthening exercise a week later:
- Lie on your back, bend your knees, your feet on the ground, your arms beside your body.
- Breathe in, relax your stomach. Breathe out, lift it, and then slowly lower your head.
- If you have a skin, do ten headlifts, then you can continue lifting the shoulders and upper part of the back.
- If you can raise your stake already, do full covers.

Fitness training courses

You need to discuss with your treating physician when to start a regular, active postpartum exercise. Exercise count and exercise time should be increased gradually and carefully. It's a good idea to always breast-feed your baby before exercise to make your breasts louder as you exercise. Make sure you have a good fit but not a sports bra. After the first few weeks you can have longer and more intense exercises. Do as much as it rains! Instead of extreme, fast-paced diets, eat healthy foods, avoid sugars and excess, refined carbohydrates. These changes help keep your weight under control. With a progressively strong workout program, you will be able to regain your competitive advantage over the long term without risk.

Do it with others!

The exercises on baby-mom gymnastics in gyms and gyms contain traditional gymnastic elements without jumping and running, so that you do not have to spend any more on your belly. due to possibly tight, swollen breasts. And the attendees watch for signs of their bodies when they get tired, stop, rest, and complete as many good drills as possible. Give it a try, see where this opportunity is near you! More articles in this topic:
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