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Pregnancy ailments can have less serious consequences

End of pregnancy is very common when a baby has iron deficiency, anemia.

Pregnancy ailment can have a less serious consequence (photo: iStock)That is - if smaller mйrtйkы- fбradйkonysбgon, possibly more frequent fejfбjбson kнvьl not cause kьlцnцsebb problйmбkat, бm if you have already a terhessйg elejйn diagnosztizбljбk, I minйl handle szьksйges soon, as according to recent tanulmбnyok the koraterhessйgi vashiбnyos vйrszegйnysйg hozhatу цsszefьggйsbe child figyelemzavarбval, hiperaktivitбsбval, sхt, autizmusбval is.Dr. Zsuzsanna Szélessy, chief physician at the Thrombosis and Hematology Center, calls attention to the screening and treatment of anemia.

Iron and Poverty

One possible cause of anemia is iron deficiency (iron deficiency anemia). We talk about cancer when our cells, tissues, are depleted of oxygen, due to the lack or lack of enough oxygen in our blood cells (hemoglobin). THE without iron, oxygen is unable to reach the cells, it is so important that our iron stores are always full. When iron is scarce, it can lead to mild iron deficiency, which affects the normal functioning of the body.

Anemia during pregnancy

You have a condition where you may temporarily drop in your iron storage and anemia. Such a condition eg. pregnancy and breastfeeding, as the developing fetus utilizes the mother's iron stores, and during breastfeeding, the need for a pregnant mother is too high

It doesn't matter when the problem comes up

In most cases, expectant mothers face the problem at the end of pregnancy, but they may be discovered early in the blood tests. It is very important to have iron deficiency anemia do not take it off, because not only the mother has a negative effect, but also the baby. Because the placenta and the fetus do not have enough oxygen at this time, the chances of miscarriage, premature birth, and developmental abnormalities increase. Rбadбsul kutatбsok igazoltбk that koraterhessйgi vashiбnyos vйrszegйnysйg цsszefьggйsbe hozhatу child autizmusбval, figyelemzavarбval, tanulбsi nehйzsйgйvel, because the fetal memуria kialakulбsa йletben only megfelelх iron ellбtottsбg esetйn will tцkйletes.Egy svйd kutatуcsoport has noted that the terhessйg 30 weeks elхtt fellйpх vashiбnyos children with autism, mental disability, and ADHD (attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity) were at increased risk of heart disease. Interestingly, this was not observed after week 30. The reason is that the fetal brain and nervous system develop during certain stages of pregnancy, so it does not matter when the baby is anemic and how severe it is.

Mainly prevention and timely treatment

Because many women are already pregnant because their iron stores are reduced, and possibly even bloodless, their condition will only worsen with pregnancy (from the beginning). In particular, non-meat consumers are at risk. It is therefore worth checking the pregnancy test for iron deficiency or anemia before you become pregnant, as you can start treatment immediately before pregnancy. Of course, this is possible even if you have become pregnant, but it is better to get pregnant in perfect health.Dr. Szйlessy Zsuzsanna, the Trombуzis-йs Hematolуgiai Kцzpont hematolуgus by fхorvosnхje enyhйbb case elegendх be megfelelх, iron-rich tбplбlkozбs kцvetйse but elхfordulhat to vйny nйlkьli, or vйnykцteles iron tablets szedйse indokolt.Ritkбn, but also elхfordulhat to intravйnбs pуtlбsban rйszesьl the mother ( only under medical supervision) .For women who are pregnant with a vegetarian child, there is an absolute need for an iron metabolism, blood test before pregnancy, and as soon as pregnancy is diagnosed!
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