Useful information

Did zinc really help in the cure?

Our body is able to store some zinc, but it is necessary to take all of it daily.

  • Supports the immune system
  • Helps with wound healing
  • It contributes to the growth process
  • It is capable of sensing and smelling
  • Keeps your sugar level in balance

Do you help to overcome the flu / flu?

If you take a zinc-containing diet supplement within 24 ounces of the appearance of the first symptoms, you probably do, but you will need further research.Oilseeds are particularly rich in zinc

Exactly how much zinc do we need?

In the case of males: 11 mg / day
For women: 8 mg daily
For children: 0-6 hr day: 2 mg
6-12 hr: 3 mg
1-3 µv: 3 mg
4-8 µv: 5 mg
9-13 vv: 8 mg
With a balanced diet, you can easily get the recommended amount from the food you consume.

What is the Most Zinc?

Red meat, chicken, calf eggs, crabs, lobsters, beans, nipples, oilseeds, whole grains and dairy products are good sources of zinc, but most zinc can contain up to 6 mg of zinc. zinc is present).

Can it be dosed?

Yes (40 mg daily is the highest limit)! So before we start taking zinc, we ask for advice from a doctor (via)Also worth reading:
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