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Are you back against sports?

Pregnancy, curvature of the legs, not just decorating, can be a bit of a letdown for our everyday lives. It's an unpleasant thing, and we know very little about it. Can we exercise with varicose veins in general?

I have had three children and have been living all my life. They all play a factor in the development of varicose veins in my leg. And even though I have been running regularly for years, I didn't even think about whether or not I was doing it or just benefitting from my feedback. So I thought I was wondering about a nice running gym, a competent doctor, what kind of sport I do for my varicose veins.

Hell, come back!

Dr. Oberna Ferenc, facial, tibial, and maxillofacial and active runner-up, civilization sickness we can talk about the return. Since the total weight of our body rests on the lower extremities, it is possible to say with a little heat that walking in two legs is the root cause of cancer. Cells have an important role to play because they deliver blood from the tissues of our bodies to the heart, which is used and decomposed. Healthy males can easily cope with this task, but over time, the old men will run out and the keys on them are not locking perfectly either. are prone to inflammationas well as other uncomfortable symptoms that can lead to thrombosis, varicose veins, or foot conditions. "Rehabilitation and the complaints it causes are slowly and gradually developing," explains Dr. Ferna Oberna. wine thrombosis, smoking, conception, pregnancy, menopause, tight clothing and high heels, also in the elderly or with reduced mobility. " The good news is that the appearance of complaints and the development of minor events along with medical treatments good lifestyle, sports influence, inspiration.

Running can reduce the rate of feedback and events

Move is the solution

The specialist emphasizes that we ourselves can do a lot to maintain our existing feedbacks and to prevent us from this unpleasant disease in the future. "The aktнv йletmуd, megfelelх diйta alkalmazбsa, testsъlycsцkkentйs the zsнranyagcsere karbantartбsa, lбbtorna, megfelelх cipх befolyбsolja the tьnetek alakulбsбt.A lбbizompumpa-fokozу sports like futбs, lйpcsхzйs, ъszбs or kerйkpбrozбs viselйse also kedvezхen, csцkkenthetik the visszйrtбgulatok йs szцvхdmйnyeik However, since increased weight loss plays an important role in the development of malady, those sports that great physical strain or increase the pressure on the veins to prevent them suffering from recurrent disease. Such sports include body building, weight lifting, and permanent jumping, strenuous, exhausting, weight-bearing gymnastics. " and can cause hemorrhoids, which can be straight for a thrombosis.3 tips for exercising if you have varicose veins
  1. Do not exercise in the heat, because the varicose veins are still better. Avoid Bikram Law and Coaches After Sauna!
  2. Use compression socks while running! Compression socks of the right quality and size improve the circulation of the surface vein system.
  3. There are specific exercises to improve the circulation of the vein. If you want to master the movement professionally, visit a physiotherapist who will teach you good practices.