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Dangers of insomnia during pregnancy

Sleep problems during pregnancy are common: pregnant women have about 80 percent of sleep problems, especially during the third trimester. It is worth considering the cause of insomnia, as both the baby and the mother are at risk.

Dangers of insomnia during pregnancy

Causes of insomnia

There are many reasons for this: sleep apnea, anxiety, mood swings, restless legs syndrome, but in many cases there is no light on the cause of sleeplessness. As the fetus grows, pressure on the bladder increases, which can lead to reflux and urinary problems. Many mothers cannot sleep because of womens pain.

Consequences of insomnia

In addition to being very difficult to live with insomnia, there are also dangers of having a sleep problem during pregnancy for both the mother and baby. Research has shown that when a mother sleeps poorly, it is more common to get premature. Insomnia exacerbates depression and increases the risk of diabetes. Moreover, there was a correlation between cesarean section and sleep problems during pregnancy: those who slept less than 6 hours per night were more than 4.5 times more likely to have a baby with cesarean section. These complications are probably due to the insomnia.

You can do it

What can a pregnant woman do if she has sleep problems? Primarily non-drug treatment may include: use of relaxation techniques, use of cognitive therapy, and increased attention to sleep hygiene. If you have anxiety and anxiety in the background of your sleeping difficulties, lemon juice may help. terŠ±pia.Related articles in Pregnancy Sleep:
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