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How can I protect my skin?

Dry-skinned, eczema-prone children usually have worse symptoms. The reason for this, in addition to its delicate sensibility, is probably the lack of light and the alternation of dry, warm indoors and cold outside.

Here are some things you can do to prevent this:

- It is not a good idea to apply a non-fragrant, fragrance-free cream on your baby's face, hands and mouth before sitting.
- Not only is it useful, but you will also enjoy having your body in the morning at the pharmacy with urea hydration lubricate it.
- We do not recommend using foam baths, instead of soap it is better to use bath oil, bath ointment, but in many cases soapy water and butt wash are sufficient.
- Instead of bathing, a quick shower instead of a coarse wadding is the ideal solution for a soft bedding made of soft fabric.

Use a shower instead of a bath, and a bath instead of a foam bath

- Make room humidity optimal. You can get it by evaporating or defrosting cookware: not all homes have the same problem! With a hygrometer, you can check the humidity, which is ideal between 40 and 60 percent. Air purifiers reduce the allergenic content of the indoor air, ie molds and mites.
- Give your baby often water, an impenetrable fruit juice, but suckle when she asks for it.
- The leather, cotton, pure silk, thin, soft linen in a light cotton garment does not breathe the skin.
- It is worthwhile to use a rinse instead of a detergent, so that only skin-friendly material remains between the clothes after washing. Today, there are many treatment options to choose from, not just steroid ointments - we knew from our specialist dr. Korausz Southeast.
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