Formerly a mother who feeds her baby with raw meat

Most of my mother's life is vegetarian, then she's a vegetarian, she feeds her baby with raw meat, rarely fruits, and almost no green.

Formerly a mother who feeds her baby with raw meatGloria Zasso 12 years ago, he morphed for morals and became a vegetarian. However, he often became ill, had a weak immune system, and eventually listened to those who had advised him to stop consuming animal foods completely, so Gloria became vegan. She got better, was not often sick, but it only lasted until her unborn baby. Three weeks after birth, she had such terrible business pains that she was not even able to brush her teeth. Doctors have diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis. It is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the cells of the kidneys. Gloria was offered chemotherapy pills, but he was not looking for another solution: he realized that the health of his lifestyle was not good. Gradually he began to return to animal diets. As he started eating meat, he felt that he was getting better and that his pains were gone. article by Mirror. Occasionally, however, he still had serious pains, and he found a diet of raw meat, which many people recommend as an antidote to autoimmune diseases. Gloria's diet came in: she's much better, she's not taking her medication. He looks at the flesh as a medicine that he no longer loves. The diet aims to cause as little damage as possible: you never buy large-scale products, you buy meat exclusively from local butchers, and try to eat every part of the animal so that you have to die as much as possible. , Thomas, and his little son Isaac keep it with Gloria. They usually eat beef, raw bone marrow or raw beef for breakfast. For dinner, slowly cooked pike-perch or kidney cubes, or liver, brain, kidneys, raw, cut into pieces.
Her husband and son are perfectly healthy. In spite of this, the mother receives a lot of criticism on the Internet, which feeds her two-son with raw meat, rarely fruits, and almost never gives her green. But Gloria thinks her baby is healthy, energetic, and doesn't care about others. The little one eats almost raw meat Dr. Daniel O'ShaughnessyAccording to a London dietitian, the diet of women with fiber is unhealthy, especially for a child.
"Children also need plant nutrients for healthy growth and growth. But I do not recommend this diet to anyone who needs to have pain from rheumatoid arthritis," I advise.
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