Baby in sunlight

The human body is in need of caressing the warm sunlight of the summer sun, but only with sufficient caution, because the life rays of the sun can put our lives at risk.

Spring is not only the beginning of a new season, but it is also a farewell to the winter sun, the hot mornings, the early darkness. Life is back in exclusive nature, the days are gradually getting longer and the sun is getting bigger. We take the whole body out of the winter stuff that we harvest, and instead wear loose, light clothes. Nature attracts, we spend more and more time in the fresh air, outdoors. The little ones strolling in a stroller or in the playground sandbox, while the bigger ones are in the kindergarten, in the school yard. The body starts to recharge its vitamin D stores, which have become vacant in the winter months, and absorbs the sun. In addition to promoting bone formation, vitamin D also plays an important role in boosting the immune system. However, stroking the sun's rays has to be treated, because skin is essential for life. The sun's radiation contains a significant amount harmful ultraviolet raysWhich йszlelhetх immediately cause fбjdalmas leйgйst, szйlsхsйgesebb case kбrosнthatjбk the eyes, elхsegнtik the bхrrбk kialakulбsбt, and this utуbbi problйmбk often only йvtizedek mъltбval jelentkeznek.Az human egйszsйget veszйlyeztetх ultraviolet sugбrzбstуl (the belьl also fхleg UVB sugбrzбstуl) of lйgkцr high rйtegйben lйvх An ozone shield could protect us, but its effect on the environment has waned. So we humans are impatient to defend and to protect the health of ourselves and our children.It is often said that adults should not be out in the sun between 11 and 15 o'clock, and children should avoid sunbathing. The biggest danger is the small children, especially children under 12, because they are harmless, less resistant skins are much quickerlike adults. Small babies under the age of three months should not be exposed to any direct sunlight, while the larger ones should only be allowed to carry in the summer air with proper care. in the air, like in the eagle of Delhi. Add a light cotton dress and a lightweight hat to the t-shirt. We recommend that you place a duvet cover or a textile diaper in the stroller, as stroller strollers are often very mild and can irritate the baby's delicate skin. Take the canopy of your stroller and use a sunshade instead. For certain models poplar roofs or parasols with special UV protection so you can know the baby more safely.Wearing cream it is very important to use it. Drugs are only offered at a quality that is trustworthy, or at a pharmacy. Pay attention to the warranty period, as most sunscreen can be used safely within 12 months of opening. For tiny sensitive skin, it is best to use a minimum of 15 sun loungers specifically designed for young children. Lehetхleg hipoallergйn, fragrance-free and water-free sun cream. There is a type that immediately protects and has an effect after it has been applied, which needs 20-40 minutes to work. It should be borne in mind that certain surfaces, such as water, will be exposed to the sun's rays, thus enhancing the power of UV radiation and thus protecting the skin more effectively. Not only do we use sunscreen when we are bathing, but also for trips and sunsets, as you can reach us in the cloudy weather UV UV rays.While the summer is hot, you can swim in the cool water of a beach or Lake Balaton, and often the whole family spends the whole day at the waterfront, although in the South of Ireland the ice is big. If you're staying on the beach all day, it's a good idea to get a lightweight, a small collapsible beachthat protects against the sun's UV rays. This little baby can sleep while the bigger ones play in the water or on the beach. Some playsters can be opened to such a large size that even adults can swell beneath it, and the weight is just 1.5 kg.

Always have a little hat on the baby's head

One little hat And equipped with a UV protection baby sunglasses but also for older children. Both UVA and UVB rays are 99% safe to filter out sunglasses for agile little ones, so the baby is comfortable in size as well as in the fit. Sunglasses - for ourselves and our young children - should not be bought on the street, as it is very important to avoid sunburn in the sun, we start by car for a longer or shorter time, let's do this for the most comfortable child possible. In the safety seat, the little ones don't like to worry too much about their car, and their fatness is particularly stressful. Made of moisture-rich material that is available in excess of seats summer coverso you do not sweat so much on your baby's back or absorb the moisture in the soft cotton cover. Also, make sure you have a proper linen pad, I look at the windows of the cars. Although the car body itself absorbs some radiation, especially UVB, unfortunately, a large part of the responsible UVA rays allow it. And if we do a lot of driving, we can even sacrifice UV protection to ensure our babies are completely safe.Other useful articles:
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