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Honey can also be dangerous

Water has many fun effects. It is considered to be an exclusive bacterial organism, good for digestion, soothes, disinfected, and has a negligible analgesic effect. However, it is not recommended for everyone to consume, nor is it recommended.

For example, people who are allergic to pollen or any of its ingredients are expressly forbidden, but small children should only consume it after a certain period of time. Why can't babies eat honey and their recommended number?Honey can also be dangerous "Like all foods, honey can only say that good quality, well-treated skin has a nice effect. and in the case of freezing, we sometimes treat with honey. However, we should not forget about its energy content, which is approximately equal to that of crystalline sugar, and it also raises the blood sugar level relatively quickly. sugar bomband it is also recommended that sugars should be avoided, and this is not the case with honey. Because we believe in the power of cure, we are happy to apply it when our child is hungry or coughing. But if we know it is forbidden to consume it under the age of one, there is a risk that it may be called infantile botulism develops. Infants' immune systems are still underdeveloped in adults and their pH in the stomach is still not sufficiently acidic. So, the spur of the water can develop toxin-producing bacteria, which are dangerous to the baby's nervous system, "he said. Wolher Veronica, a dietitian at the Buda Health Center. Symptoms of botulism in infancy include:
  • weakened breast reflex
  • izomgцrcs
  • izomgyengesйg
  • breathing difficulty
  • izombйnulбs
You can reduce the risk of developing the disease by buying blood from a controlled source or by following the recommendations for child nutrition. If we experience the symptoms of botulism, Get medical attention immediately, the disease is very likely to be cured with the right kind of care.What kind of complaints can this cause even with the introduction of dieting water?
  • problems with digestion
  • йtvбgytalansбg
  • szйkrekedйs
  • other allergic reactions
"Because of its high fructose content, people with fructose digestive disorder also have to exclude blood from their diet. They also suffer from allergy to pollen, and in cases of lupus allergy, they can cure it. they will probably go away on their own. But if the symptoms do not improve or worsen, you should seek medical attention for further examination, "the dietitian added.

If the host is free!

If your child is one year old and not allergic to any of its ingredients, then occasional, occasional consumption can occur. Tips on how to reconstitute with honey:
  • Instead of the sugary muesli bars available in the shop, we can also make home-made muesli bars using a little honey to make them.
  • We can make a colorful green smoothie for your baby, which can be made slightly sweeter with honey.
  • Instead of nasi, chop the fruits into low-fat yogurt and start with light honey.
  • For a more varied diet during the summer, while avoiding the consumption of fluids in our children, we may occasionally opt for a small amount of lemonade, which may be mixed with a small amount of sugar instead of sugar.

  • Honey can cause serious harm to the baby
  • The consumption of honey has not been recommended for a certain age
  • If you notice this, don't waste any money!