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Frequently asked questions about HPV vaccination

In addition to regular screening, vaccination against HPV plays a major role in preventing cervical cancer, and recent studies have shown that the number of cervical cancer cases has been significantly reduced.

Frequently asked questions about HPV vaccinationThe most common questions and answers about the vaccine dr. Balnzs of Hernabdi, the Center for Grain Fever, which is also used in the treatment of glandular tumors.
A comparative study published in the latest issue of the British Medical Journal (BMJ 2019; 365: 111161) has drastically reduced the number of cases leading to cervical cancer (CIN I, II, III) and the incidence of cancer. In the United Kingdom 12-13 year olds must have received the vaccine, and a large-scale research has found that vaccination is effective 90% lower occurrence of your pre-cervical condition in the country.

When can I apply?

Within the school vaccine program, 7th grade students 12 years of age and older are free, but the target group for 9-15 year olds is sufficient for 2 injections, and for 15 year olds, 3 injections

Can I claim an adult?

Yes, but the effectiveness of vaccination is diminishing with age, and it is worthwhile for those who are not in a monogamous relationship, because they can get infected and re-infected at any time, so they are prone to cervical cancer. However, it is worth knowing that it is not free at this time.

Does it provide 100% protection?

Although vaccination rates have significantly reduced the number of cervical cancer cases, it is worth noting that vaccination does not provide 100% protection, as vaccination "only" protects against the most dangerous types.

Do I have to go filtering from now on?

Even though someone has self-immunized against HPV, it is just as important that you go to the screenings every year! For one reason, because vaccination only protects against certain viruses that cause the most common disease, the doctor also carries out other controls (eg, Breasts, Ovaries, Men). Only treatment begun in time can be effective enough, this is the nature of filtration.

What side effects do you have?

Although many circles are involved in vaccination in various forums, but since it does not contain a virus, it is not capable of causing cervical cancer! However, side effects can, of course, occur like any vaccine and typically include: itching, swelling, redness, tenderness at the injection site, some blemishes, headache, Balnzs Hernabdi, the Center for Nursing, also used in gynecological cancers.

Need to repeat?

HPV vaccination provides a high level of protection for at least 8 to 10 years (possibly beyond). However, this requires 3 (younger, under 15 years, 2) vaccinations. No repeated vaccination.

What exams are required before?

It is worthwhile to have sexually active girls / women before vaccination. Conversely, HPV screening is not absolutely necessary because, if it is positive, it is still worthwhile to administer the vaccine as it will also protect against other HPV types.

When is HPV Vaccination Contraindicated?

Pregnancy, flabby condition / during illness.
  • HPV vaccination almost completely eliminated cervical cancer in Scotland
  • The vaccine is available for HPV vaccination in boys
  • If more were vaccinated, the cervix could disappear