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If the man is younger

Dad photographed by father with dead fish, he lifts the short-legged cucumber, while his twenty-year-old superior calms his hand. Today, however, there is an increasing number of normal-nose couples where dad has several years younger mother.

If the man is younger

Of course, if you look around, it won't look as obvious as women are "good at keeping up" with their age. The guys are gonna drop a tummy soon, respect for the pick. But just asking the question on a community site, there are surprisingly many answers within minutes. In most such families, of course, the male is only one or two years younger, but it still causes conflict in the first place, mainly for women. But what if there was a twist on age?

Difficult requests: grace and respect

Most women turn their heads: Okay, I still look good, but what if the wrecks come? Unfortunately, we do not trust and do not trust our internal valuables are also important and exciting. Now the career is here. If a woman's ten year advantage ranks high in the rankings, it may be easier to get ahead, and oh, your salary may be higher than your choice. And that usually annoys the guy. Certainly because you want them to grow up if they are a source of safety and a head of the family. Someone has to let go…

Sex: That's the real thing!

Anyone who has learned a little in the sexuality literature is well aware of what we women are shorter in this area. We need a few years to liberate ourselves, to play and be immersed in our minds: am I beautiful anyway? Am I doing it? For a mature thirties, that's not a problem anymore. When you come together with a full-fledged, voluptuous young man, great meal They can form.

The mouth of the village

And the city. It's almost certain to arrive megjegyzйs and the good and the bad. What does this mature woman want from this guy? Are you afraid that no one will take it away? Do you want a baby for everyone? Does the guy have a mother complex? Does a woman like money? Are you just pervert? For parents, it may be a doubt that a baby was introduced by a woman with only a few years younger. However, it can just forge a connection between others. The collective resistance, "we'll show you."

Only one registry entry

Ildikou (41), Győr (38), children: Domi (9) and Balzs (6)

Ildi and Gyuri with Balzza and Domi

Ildi: - We knew each other very long ago, but 14 years of our relationship started. First, it was very confusingthat he was younger, mainly because I had principles: neither the younger nor the lower guy could come to terms. I want to look at the man! Gyuri is not inferior, but young, and puppy-like, with a laugh in his mouth. So I tried to make the connection for quite some time.Gyuri: - I didn't feel any of it. I think age is just a birth certificate. At that time, I was the son of the National Theater of Pecs and took advantage of my talent. I had my word for reassuring worried women. He came in. But here was not the usual situation. At the beginning I thought so it will be a serious relationship, I quit my life so far.Ildi: - I was a fanboy ... What do other people think this woman wants from this guy? I wanted a serious relationship, sooner or later, and I thought Gyuri was definitely looking for someone. Friends, our friends are all younger than me, so I was afraid to bet. They didn't have much contact at that time. Her mom was surprised when she was introduced at home: "This is a mature woman, you're a child!"Gyuri: - Looks like my mom's not well known. So the baby of the parent always remains a child ...Ildi: - It was summer, it was good to be alone with him. We talked a lot and it turned out to be a very mature thinking boy.Gyuri: - We didn't have to intellectual break.Ildi: -… and since Gyuri decided, I didn't have the feeling to be the leader. Х he was very good at driving, and i could stay next to him. I am outspoken, Gyuri gets the weak, impotent face. Of course, this was also due to the fact that before that I was living in a very bad relationship, from which he had to shake up, he gave back my trust. He was liberated. Of course, I'm still worried. Gyuri handles this well. When I'm anxious about something, he says, "Well, let's worry now!" And then I have to realize that what I thought was catastrophic is not that much of a problem.Gyuri: - I don't think age is significant. Our people are made up of a lot of ingredients. Certainly, some of our parts are more mature and more immature. Some people can't be trusted with a target or family in their mid-20s, and it works great for three years. Surely I have some immature things to do with Ildine as well. Йn i don't feel alien on this tere.Ildi: - It was very important for Gyuri to create the material base for the family. He said he would marry him if he could support a family. This is exciting because I was just looking for him and he brought me a country pensioner. He spent his life, started a business, and slowly, in several steps, achieved what he wanted. Now we're on a firm foot. At home, it sometimes happens that Mom is older, but she is mostly afraid that this or that is why the oldest one should always do it. For children, this is not at all interesting.Gyuri: - In my opinion, authority is not given by age. It can't be raped. My father said that the difference between the king and the abuser is that the heart is bowed before the king. I have a very close relationship with boys, I have established love and trust. So, if you tell me you're "stupid," you don't screw the world because I know the basics are in place and I know what's in the background.Ildi: - Even though she's younger, she's a lot of jerky and doesn't take life seriously, I can look at it. But that doesn't come from just controlling our lives. I don't know who's controlling it. I think that changed. We are. Нgy. Jуl.