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The sound of the fetus, the safety of the fetus

Fetal Voice - The Baby Life Care Program is a Hungarian innovation that can help you hear the baby's voice at any time during pregnancy and confirm the results with a team of doctors.

Varga-Dobbar is the Junior European Champion, Hungarian Olympian Olympian, model and boss Danny Varga, Olympic champion in water polo, team captain looking for middle-aged children in the past few months. The baby arrived in mid-April, happy for his young mother and dad. Little Milan is already home in the family environment of her mom and dad. So happy daddy Danny is ready to prepare for the Summer European Championship in Euro Ball in Budapest. Mom and baby are well on their way, and in the past few months they have also chosen the Baby Life Care Fetal Safety Program. From the 6th month onwards, she used the Baby Life Care fetal tone monitor and monitoring system. For whom you gave reassuring security when your athlete's current team was in Rijeka. Hungarian innovation uses advanced information technology and telecommunication. Hungarian scientists (doctors) and engineers have introduced to the great world the technical knowledge of the modern age, which gives them the opportunity to observe the conditions that can be experienced.
The Fetal Voice program aims to reduce the number of deaths in the uterus before birth. "It was reassuring to know that I could listen to the sound of our baby at any time and anywhere. I was able to verify that everything was fine and of course, thanks to the system, the medical team confirmed to me," the result said.