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From age 30 onwards, the memory may be weakened.

More than 60% of Hungarians occasionally experience forgetfulness, about half of them regularly suffer from concentration disorder, and irritability and mental exhaustion affect at least seven people out of the fire.

By age 30, the memory may be weakened

A representative survey of the Trend Inspiration Workshop also reveals that 30-49 year olds are not aware that they may be affected by cerebrovascular accident, and that this is the reason why all adults in Hungary 92% of the Hungarian adult population attaches great importance to intellectual capacity, according to a recent representative survey. The majority of the respondents themselves experience some symptoms of cerebral blood flow - and therefore of the brain oxygen supply - on a regular basis: most people with irritability, romlу memoir And a disorders of concentration It is common experience that those affected by the aforementioned problems of cerebral blood flow are 75% stressful in their daily lives: less optimistic, much more cheerful than those who have not reported similar complaints. Forgiveness is most disturbing for women and those under 40 years of age.These may also be of interest:
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  • The research showed: a 30-49 year olds don't know that cerebral blood disorders can affect them. "Only 15% think that memory can be impaired for over 30 years, and only one-third (34%) do something to maintain their cerebral circulatory system. thought about it, and the other 9% believe there is no need, "he said. dr. Vida Zsuzsanna PhD Neurology. Those who use a method typically focus on healthy eating (20.5%) or athleticism (18.2%); however, only 5% of them benefit. Egyйb vбlaszkйnt jelцltйk the rejtvйnyfejtйst йs the olvasбst. "Vitamin-rich tбplбlkozбssal regular mozgбssal and agytornбval lйphetьnk йs бsvбnyi materials valуban hatйkonyan against cerebral цregedйs process, but йrhetьnk pozitнv vбltozбsokat in termйszetes hatуanyagokat tartalmazу, brain vйrkeringйst fokozу also йtrend-kiegйszнtхkkel" - dr. Zsuzsanna Vida added that with a little care mental health can be maintained for a long time. "Extract of geranium leaves, that is, ginkgo biloba, stimulates cerebral blood flow and contributes to the cells' supply of oxygen and nutrients, and due to its effects on the immune system, he also removes memory."