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We are the least demanded in EuropeHalf of the Hungarians are excessive

54% of Hungarians are overweight or out of place; Every year, the proportion of children who are overcharged increases with children. Half of the people do not exercise at all.

Over-the-child ratio grows from year to year for childrenNypsa published a comprehensive article on the domestic health show, about Michael Ksler Minister of egйszsйgьgyi mutatуk fast javulбsбt нgйrte leendх nйpegйszsйgьgyi programjбval which the orszбgos intйzetek vezetхi have javaslatokat.Az orszбgos intйzetek elkйszнtettйk the nйpegйszsйgьgyi program plans, which leginkбbb the betegsйgek megelхzйsйnek hiбnyбt the ellбtуrendszer problйmбit йs цnmaguk pozнciуjбt erхsнtх suggestions rцgzнtettйk - derьlt who reached the Nйpszavбhoz dokumentumokbуl .
All the documents stated that we are the most urgent nation in europe, and we are fourth in all the world (USA, Mexico and New Zealand). 54 percent of the total population is overweight or overpopulated.Over-the-child ratio grows from year to year for children, but also malnutrition is increasing.Half of Hungarians (53 percent) never do any leisure activity.The most and most often consume green and CSS Health Status and Health Records.
In the children's program, it has been reported that lack of mental health, poverty and segregation pose a significant threat to health. And due to unhealthy environmental influences, 12 of these women and 8.5 years of males are ill. Young people are the number of smokers and a quarter of the population drink regularly. Hungarian women can count for 79.2 years, men can count for 72.4 years, Five years less than the average in the United States.Kбsler Miklуs beszйlt the InfуRбdiуnak arrуl to be vбltozбsok the reumatolуgiбban the mozgбsszervi betegsйgeknйl йs the mentбlhigiйnйnйl also йs "if they egymбsra rakjбk, develop a egйszsйgьgyi ellбtуrendszer vбza where so many have kapacitбs as is szьksйg" .The keringйsi betegsйgek megelхzйsйt cйlzу In addition to reducing alcohol consumption and smoking, the program recommends central measures to reduce excessive consumption, high blood pressure, metabolic disease, and increase athletic appetite. For example, reducing the bread content or increasing the content of their tobacco.Related articles in the topic:
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