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Pregnancy: Can you change your place of work?

Most mothers work a large part of their baby-baby months. However, many people are not aware of what labor law rules apply to them, and what rights they have to their place of work and conditions.

"We are expecting our second baby boy. Before and during my first pregnancy, I worked from home, but now I am in the state where I go around 8 times a day. it would be cumbersome because your business is virtually at the other end of the city "- Katai, a fairy tale who is 5 months pregnant and plans to work for up to 2 months, but surely she won't have to go out there every day back to the current one place. They would do much better financially if he could still work and would love to do it, but the 3 ounces by public transport would be a lot for him.
As a general rule, a contract of employment, such as a contract of employment, may be changed by agreement between the employer and the employer. This means, in practice, that if your workforce does not change your place of work, you cannot do so unilaterally. However, babies who are pregnant with their baby and mothers up to the age of 3 may also benefit from extra protection if their place of work is determined. Namely, although a contract of employment can only be changed by mutual agreement, but - the employer has the possibility to order up to 44 working days or 352 hours a year to take up another job, ie another job.

You can work with your baby

"The ban applies to this, that is to say, it is not possible for a mother to be employed by another employer if she does not wish to do so. In this case, the solution remains to work at the place of employment according to her contract. Labor Law of Hajdu-Dudás Maria for the benefit of pregnant women and mothers with small children.
The specialist also adds that the job, in this case the mother, must be provided with a job that fits her health. So, once you become pregnant, your child may be obliged to give up his / her job, exposed to toxic substances).
If you are not able to offer another position, you must relieve your pregnant mother of her job. "A working mum is entitled to a basic salary corresponding to the job being offered, which cannot be less than her contracted salary, so she cannot earn less than before. If she is dismissed, it will not be accepted without it, "adds Dr. Hajdu-Dudsa María.