Too much is a burden on business than you think

Research shows that even a 5 kg excess weight (36%) significantly increases the frequency of wear and tear.

The excess weight is heavily burdened with business

Each step weights is 1-1.5 times the weight of our feet, even more so in running: 3-4 times our weight. If your business is exposed to such a burden on an average day, what can be the effect of being a bullet? The data is staggering: a 5 kg excess weight increases the incidence of wear and tear by 36%. Hungary tops the European Union list of deprivation, so it is not surprising that 30% of the adult population in Hungary is affected by cartilage. With the help of the experts at the Business Website, we can learn what we can do to preserve our health, and avoid over-eating, and what to do when you want to to our health. We know that the wrong tбplбlkozбs йs not megfelelх testsъly kнvьl kбrosнthatja the mбjunkat kцzйrzeten bad, cause szнvbetegsйget, lead cukorbetegsйg kialakulбsбhoz, йs tumor megbetegedйsek kockбzatбt also jelentхsen nцveli.De what about the tъlsъly йs the нzьleti fбjdalmak kцzцtti цsszefьggйssel? How do we prevent the cartilage in our body from getting worn out prematurely? And what do we do if we want to lose weight but do not want to ruin our business in the middle?

The cartilage

Arthrosis, or "brain wear", is the most common locomotor disorder in the world, with the constant loss of all components of the business, with increasing pain and difficulty in movement. The нzьleti kopбs not egyszerыen cartilage elцregedйsйnek kцvetkezmйnye but нzьleti cartilage mennyisйgйnek йs minхsйgйnek kбrosodбsa, which eredmйnyezi the нzьleti funkciу romlбsбt йs instabilitбsбt, you have already a younger age is.A porckopбs the egйsz нzьlet betegsйge, not only porcй as the нzьletek alkotбsбban rйsztvevх bones , tapes, and business cases. One of the most important risk factors is increased body weight.

Cartilage hurts no one

Today, some 135 million people worldwide suffer from brain cartilage. In developed countries, disability, disability and quality of life are among the leading causes, with women accounting for the fourth most important health risk and eighth most important health risk. In Hungary, after cardiovascular problems, it is the most common disease, which is the third most common cause of working capacity decline. The US-Gyуgytornбsz Fizioterapeutбk Tбrsasбgбnak 2015 kiderьlt vйgzett felmйrйsйbхl that mozgбsszervi problйmбk (kцztьk the porckopбs йs the egyйb нzьleti problйmбk) the munkбbуl valу kiesйs kцzel цtцdййrt (18%) by felelхsek.Becslйsek 2020 vilбgszerte then megkйtszerezхdik the нzьleti kopбsok number, the main cause of which is the damage of civilization.

Obesity is becoming more common

Sadly, in the European Union, Hungary tops the list of deprivations. In our country, 40% of adults are overweight, and every fourth adult (25%) is obese.Also, childhood obesity is on the rise: there are 12 million obese or overweight children in 2008, and over 400,000 are overweight each year. In fact, it is a proven fact that 77% of obese children will become obese adults, because if obesity begins in childhood, it will increase not only the size of the fat cells but also the correct amount. in childhood. We can develop exercise power in childhood too, in which we have a primary role to play.

Overshoot is the biggest risk factor

She has been reported by the World Health Organization (WHO) for years to be suffering from cancer, and is considered the second most common risk factor for post-mortem cancer. The superficial line that appears at this time is deposited not only under the skin, but also in the internal organs and blood vessels. This genie, the excess weight puts extra strain on our stores, as we have to "carry" it like a heavy leather. As the body grows, the spine, pelvis, and legs become particularly stressed, and the pelvic forebrain, and the vertebrae of the lumbar vertebrae become more prominent. All of these can result in unilateral stresses and strains of muscles that can accelerate the development of malignancies.

The effect of overspending on sales

The space is our most loaded business. The first symptoms of wear and tear are the pain at the beginning of daily exercise (for example, getting out of bed in the morning) and during exercise (such as running, squatting, hiking). Overexposure of cartilage is the main cause of overcrowding, as the most common type of foot wear in the background is the longitudinal and this is even more: 3-4 times our body weight. If our stores are exposed to such a burden on an average day, what might be the effect of spending too much on it? It is staggering, but up to 5 kg excess weight increases the frequency of wear on the road by 36%. However, we should not go for it! Early treatment of selected causes, recovery and maintenance of optimal body weight, and regular exercise can prevent or reduce the burden of doing business.

Good lifestyle and sports help

As it has been shown above, the condition can lead to the formation of business wear, but few people know that it is due to the underload caused by lack of exercise. Although physical activity is age-appropriate and age-appropriate in all stages of business wear, a recent study by the Hungarian Physiotherapist-Physiotherapist Company revealed that one in every year in Hungary. However, strenuous exercise for at least thirty minutes a week, three times a week, leads to significant improvement. Choose the form of sport that suits your physical condition. If necessary, consult a physiotherapist. In addition, always keep in mind that dietary weight loss can only be maintained if you remain physically active. The effect of fitness against disease is proven.

Sports tips

For better results, it is worth choosing a variety of cardio-type workouts than, for example, dynamic walking, jogging, cycling, walking or jogging. These types of exercise not only stimulate the heart and lungs, but also reduce the risk of overloading.

Indoor (gym or home) options:

Futуpad: In the event of overtaking, strenuous but not strenuous walking is recommended. If we feel comfortable after a while, we can gradually raise our stomach. Ellipszistrйner: imitates running moves, but avoids business chores. To protect our lives during training, it is always important to keep your lower limbs in the correct position. In the gym, we're happy to ask you for the right application.Lйpcsхzхgйp: in spite of all false faith, one must tread in a straight posture, keeping the center of our body above our feet. If you want to lose weight in the first place, a workout with lighter resistance and lower heart rate is recommended.Szobakerйkpбr: nowadays we can meet several types, the standard and the ergonomic back-end version. We recommend this type for regular training for recent waistlines, backache, weight loss, spinal torsion, low limb brains, and regular exercise. Evezхpad: if we train it with the right technique, we can move it through all the muscle groups in our body. Keep in mind that at the end of the peg it should not be homogeneous or too backward. Before using for the first time, we would definitely ask a specialist for help in the gym!

Outdoor options:

Gyaloglбs: the correct shoes are essential for the correct approach (rolling sole technology). We choose high quality footwear that retains the ankles.Kocogбs: During a slow, even run, the heel comes first to the ground, which is designed to dampen business interactions, thus protecting the health of our cartilage. Few people know, but slower jogging is more like running faster than running faster.Sportjбtйkok: if you want to play an outdoor sport, you should first and foremost choose an elastic track.Tъrбzбs: as with walking, the right footwear is essential. We choose a stable but elastic boot that supports the ankle, taking into account the terrain.Kerйkpбrozбs: Adjusting the right government and headroom is paramount to protecting our business.Ъszбs: for breast, neck and waist problems, breast is not recommended. Choose backhaul or quick release instead.Nordic walking: with the right techniques, the pressure acting on our stores can be reduced, and it is specifically recommended.

More tips:

Begin with each warm-up session. At the end of your workout, you should gradually decrease your intensity and keep in mind the stretching. If, after a long period of skipping, we suddenly end up in a new form of exercise, the risk of injuries is greatly increased and our cartilage can be damaged in the long term. Choose a sufficiently stable but elastic footwear.Where greater weight is needed, water motion (aquafitness, aquajogging) is recommended primarily for the protection of business. Water to the waist reduces the load by 50% and water to the chest by 90%.

Let's also take advantage of the day-to-day activities:

  • we choose the stairs instead of the elevator,
  • if we have time, get off the bus one stop and go home,
  • let's try to avoid using the car.
  • Exercise your weight, eat healthily, and exercise regularly! When exercising, pay attention to the business of our stores and use cartoon charms available at pharmacies to preserve the health of our cartilage!Related Articles:
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