That's why chocolate is good for you when you cough

Research has shown that cocoa can be more effective against cure than the active ingredient in a number of cure syrups, such as codeine, says an anti-cough specialist.

Chocolate's cocoa content for effective coughingIf we are coughing, we usually have anti-cough syrup to help relieve the symptoms. It has now come to our attention that we would do better to use chocolate to prevent cough and vapor.
Alyn Morice Professor, who is a founding member of the International Society for Research on the Commonwealth and a leader in cardiovascular and lymphatic studies at the University of Hull, Cocoa-containing drugs are better, more effective than traditional cough suppressants. cough. Researchers at Imperial College London have found that theobromine, an alkaloid of cocoa, does not cough better than the ingredients commonly used in anti-cough medications, eg. the codeine.

But how can chocolate help with coughing?

According to Professor Alyn Morice, chocolate provides a coating on the nerve endings of the throat, and this defect removes the constipation. " "Alyn added. (via
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