We say numbers

The little one learns by making fun, especially if it's all related to games. You can teach him counting in pre-school years, using your fingers in between.

We say numbersThe rhythms, playfulness, and rhythm of the rhymes and poems are very close to the young child. You can easily learn almost anything from them, many sayings about the sun, animals, or just numbers. Not only can you learn, but you can play social games, use a variety of tools, but your fingers are perfectly suited to the purpose. We have collected some sayings that deal with numbers.
There was a sunshine over here,
Two ass grazing in the meadow.
Three puppy races,
That way, the season makes up a year.
There are five buttons on my jacket,
Six pockets on my pants.
The heart is the color of the week,
Eight rounds on the book.
I bought nine glass balls,
Tzz eye sugar I all ate.
One, the cherries are ripe
One - the cherries are ripe
Two - lace bush,
Hello - you are the йn my friend,
So - the bread rolls,
Цt - the work is done,
Six - splits the bench,
Week - the morning is booming,
Eight - Empty shelf,
Nine - little Francis,
Fire, fire - pure water,
If you don't get it clean,
Then the ass will drink. One, two, three, so,
You little bunny, anyway?
I'm not going far and wide
Only for the world end.
I won't be there for long,
Only twelve Urbig.One, two, three, so,
A little mackу is really over.
Two little macky jumps, turns,
She laughs so lightly.
An apple tree,
Two, two ladybirds,
Three, three kittens,
One, two, three.
So, so dusty,
,T, цt pуnilу,
Six, six butterflies.
So, five, six.
Huh, huh replay,
Eight, eight pans,
Nine, nine umbrellas,
I have ten fingers.You can see it here: One - send a foot,
Two - send a saddle to the clouds,
Three - you are flying on a syringe,
So - winds over here,
Цt - the door opens,
Six - let the sun go,
Week - A Fair Tale,
Eight - you ride back,
Nine - here you go,
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