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Baby Development - Sixth Month Hours

The sixth is a generally calmer month in the first year of life, but significant changes can still be made in the daily lives of infants.

Baby Development - Sixth Month HoursPerhaps the biggest change this month is that if you haven't already converted, you can start eating right now: with fruits, juice, fruits, fruits, gradually do the first steps. You just need to make sure your child is not allergic to any of the ingredients: pay attention to symptoms such as exacerbations, vomiting, diarrhea. On the other hand, you don't want to bean roula: infant mothers may change very quickly at this time so it is worth trying again after a few days.Also, add it can put a strain on your baby's body, and even save you a life-threatening condition. Similarly, wait until at least one year of age for cow (goat, etc.) milk, because the babies cannot properly digest it: do not add them to the milk either alone or mixed with the steaks.

If you're up at night

By the age of five, most babies Includes 6-8 hours of sleep at night, plus 2-3 days of sleep. If you wake up at night or are unable to fall asleep, you have often recommended the so-called Ferber method, meaning that it is worthwhile to put the baby in bed for a while, and every day, gradually, , then increasing the number of minutes) to go to it - but to our knowledge, only the baby depravity and frustrationrather, we strive to have proper sleep routines, a stimulating environment, and a well-structured, always-on-the-go agenda. Growth, brain-jumping and grappling can cause sleepless nights, but such episodes kill themselves in just a few days. By then, babies have had to doubling the birth weight. Its growth slows slightly by the sixth month (both in gravity and in centimeters), but its pace of movement is not slowed down. This month, they will already be able to train themselves (and stay in position) on their own, just as they will probably be able to turn from belly to back and belly to belly. Make sure you keep this one in the diaper, because if you are changing on a diaper table (or higher bed), you need to be very careful not to let the baby roll with a sudden gesture.

Whose eyes are blue

The baby's eyes are coloring tonight for the most part it gets its final shade - it may be different than after your birth, but it will remain very similar to it. In any case, it will not change significantly in the near future. And by six months, a baby is as sharply sighted and hears as an adult. Certain feelings (horror, frustration) can be recognized by your voice, and at the same time you usually react when someone speaks - especially when you hear the name or words that are often spoken. Animal voices, fairy tale reading, and other voice-related games should be a regular feature every day. A six-month-old baby smiles, laughs, and giggles. Familiar family members (whom you love to have eye contact with) will seem to reassure you, as will your favorite toys - and alien people will be more anxious than ever before. If these are not the case, talk to your pediatrician or nurse. And if you haven't done so already, let's start making every corner of our apartment a baby safe, as the day can start. And if there is a bigger brother in the family, we should pay special attention to smaller toys and objects that can cause suffocation, because babies at this age will still be interested in what they are interested in - for example, He sold things.
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